Property Management Services

The NAZCA Property Management Business Line has worked for over 20 years on all aspects of property management, integrating them with advanced IT systems. In order to give to the property or the asset manager the tools to make the best strategic choices.

    ISO 9001

    quality management system

    OHSAS 18001

    Health & Safety

    Work order management

    When things are broken, the software help property mangers receive, monitor, and complete work orders submitted by tenants. Nazca software will allow property managers to directly outsource the request to third party vendors and schedule repairs.

    Collect Rent

    The software allow property managers to monitor the payment monthly and to report to the owner the payments status

    Reporting / maintaining record

    The software allow property managers to keep important information within the system (PPM cost, repair history, other issues specific to each buildings) and prepare reporting documents for owners.


    The landlord can Access property data anytime, anywhere with web-based platform.

    Manage your residential and commercial properties under one tailored and flexible software.

    Integrated system with your facility managements needs

    Open to third parties

    Our Range of Services