Facility Management according to NAZCA

Nazca offers facility management services that focus on smooth & efficient maintaining, enhancing, and extending the lifespan of crucial assets and infrastructure within facilities by comprehensively integrating human resource, systems, technology.
Being a market leader in providing integrated facility management services, we have the experience and expertise to complete all types of commercial and industrial projects at the price best in the industry.

We offer a whole host of customized services to commercial and residential establishments in the region. as well as core FM services such as MEP, Renovation, Landscaping, Painting, Swimming pool maintenance, Water tank cleaning, Pest control, Cleaning & Sanitising.

Hard Services

Soft Services

The markets we serve

Offices, retail franchises, large-scale retail trade, logistics, manufacturing and hotels are supervised by our dedicated Project Managers, to satisfy all your requirements in real time.

Our Key Strengths

Our key strength is our ability to analyse clients’ needs through a careful examination of technical and organisational criticality and to provide a tailored service. We achieve solid results, not only in the management of services, but also in their continuous optimisation and improvement.

“Nazca Work Force Management” is the software platform developed in-house for an optimised management of buildings, systems and their maintenance. Nazca WFM allows us to simplify management processes, shorten intervention times and meet SLAs. Dashboard and KPI will give you full control over every aspect of the service.

For over 20 years, Nazca has worked with no intermediaries. Our direct, qualified and competent personnel guarantees full control of efficiency and quality of the service. This strategic choice guarantees the best protection in matters of labour, contributions, health and safety regulations.

We assign every client a dedicated Project Manager. Through this direct contact, we build a relationship with our clients that allows us to understand their systems and needs, and to solve problems efficiently and immediately.